Company Creds

Brooklyn-Born, Florida Favorite

This is Rich, owner of Daytona Pizza & Wing Company. Rich grew up in Brooklyn, where NY-style pizza is king. But with all the by-the-slice options in the area, he wanted to offer something different. His menu consists of whole pies, Neapolitan Style, with dough so fresh it will make you cry. Rich then did something even more revolutionary at his restaurant—there are no fryers at Daytona Pizza & Wing Company. Wings, Rich proudly states, are “served naked. First, we smoke them, then we finish them in the wood fired oven.” Dipping sauce is served on the side. Everything, from dough to sauce, is made fresh to order and on the premises. Rich has been in the Daytona Area for more than 25 years. His concept is local-friendly, serving locally brewed beers, featuring Florida artists’ work, and staying true to the relaxing beach vibe of Seabreeze. His bars share a patio, where you can enjoy a cold one and live music outdoors, or stay indoors and try your hand at a friendly game of pool, air hockey or Mrs. PacMan.